Saturday, 9 November 2019

Leicester Business Festival 2019 - A Guide to Financial Planning

4th November 2019
A guide to financial planning –
Today my colleague Claire and I attended a seminar as part of Leicester Business Festival 2019. The seminar entitled ‘A Guide to Financial Planning at Newby & Castleman (Chartered Accountants) was about pensions and other taxation subjects, the seminar was very good.

Think Beyond Now; Resilient Leadership for Micro & Small Businesses. (De Montfort University – Leicester Castle Business School) Leicester Business Festival 2019

1st November 2019  -Think Beyond Now; Resilient Leadership for Micro & Small Businesses. (De Montfort University – Leicester Castle Business School) 
My colleague Claire and I attended a seminar at De Montfort University. The event part of the Leicester Business Festival. Delegates were updated on the latest research and approaches for improving; resilience, productivity and competitiveness. I learned a lot and it was a good networking opportunity with students and experts. for more visit our website

A challenging week

8th November 2019
I have been fitting again quite frequently this week. I’m not overly concerned; the episodes have been caused by stress most likely. Recruiting Support Workers being the source of stress this week.
Recruiting Support Workers is a challenging experience because I’m a vulnerable adult and therefore letting someone into my life is certainly challenging. Working with me is anything but boring but if you were me would you find letting strangers into your personal life easy or challenging? visit our website for more

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Stamp Out Hate

28/10/19 I had a meeting with representatives from Leicestershire Police to discuss Hate Incidents and Hate Crimes I’ve been subjected to. The representatives were supportive. Speaking out was the right thing to do. Hate Crime and Hate Incidents are NEVER acceptable in ANY circumstances. If you see it, report it. If you hear it, report it. STAMP OUT HATE! for more information visit our website 

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Ward Walkabouts... Here to Serve

Good morning and welcome to another day on planet earth 🌍. I'm going on Ward Walkabouts and then onto Leicester Cathedral this morning. If you see me out and about please do say hello. For more Visit the website

Saturday, 26 October 2019


Currently recruiting for part-time staff. Working eight hours per week the successful candidate will work four evenings per week Monday to Thursday with a start  time of 16.30. For further information visit our website

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Supporting Senior Citizens with Housing Problems

Today my colleague Claire and I have been out supporting R with her housing problems in LE3 . If you would like my support with any housing related matters please make contact with myself or a member of my support team. visit our website for more

Monday, 14 October 2019

Welcome to the newly branded Di Palma UK LTD Website-

Good evening all or Good Morning depending on where you are viewing from. David here (Lydia is typing) Lydia is the new Business and Creative Assistant that came on board a few weeks ago, Lydia and I have recently developed a brand new and exciting website over at This website is separate to DIPALMAUK Ltd will be used to offer bespoke consultancy services, so if this is something you are interested in, pop on over to the site. My services include ...
- Advisory services 
- Complaints management 
- Reporting, Diversity, Equality, Inclusivity & Disability Awareness 
- and much much more.

Please pop over to the website and view all the new content the team and I have been working on and feel free to drop myself an email to discuss any of your requirements or to give your views for the website. 

Bye for now-

Lydia on behalf of David.

Shop David’s Best Selling book at- 

Mental Health Awareness

Speaking about mental wellbeing is so very important. This is the twenty-first century and as a society we certainly should be talking about mental wellbeing. For too long Mental Wellbeing has  been a subject everyone avoids speaking about but yet we all have mental health in the same way everyone has physical health. Visit our website to discover more about #mental health awareness week 

Welcome to My World

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