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Saturday, 20 June 2020

Weekly Review - 20/06/2020

Saturday 20.06.2020 weekly review

This week David and his support team have been very busy redesigning our website and communications portfolio. These are vital elements of our business. Communication is the key to success.

Unfortunately, as I am sure you will have seen from previous videos and blog entries any computer work that David undertakes causes seizures and abnormal brain activity which concerns us all. It is very difficult to try and tell David that he shouldn’t be doing something that has a negative impact upon his health circumstances. But as a team we support David by keeping him safe and intervene when David becomes ill.

To the untrained eye David would appear normal but if you were to look closer you will see and hear the signs that David is unwell. As a team we remain focus on achieving our objectives to support David and the wider community.

From a support worker’s perspective, it can be difficult to see David become increasingly unwell through trying his best. However, David always reminds us of his motto which is “To triumph over adversity is my greatest strength.”

Blog by Support Worker Monika

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Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Read all about Radford United LE3 Ltd

About David Di Palma & the Radford United/Di Palma (UK) Brands.

The Survivor & Author - 1968 

Born in 1968 David is a brain injury and abuse survivor (sexual, physical and mental abuse). David’s motto ‘To triumph over adversity is my greatest strength’ is reflective of  his resilience. David has kept diaries all throughout his life, the intricate and invaluable diaries detailing his experiences surviving; epilepsy, abuse in all forms, a brain injury and being an Independent Politician.  Abusers were aware of David’s diaries and frequently searched for them in an attempt to locate and destroy the intricate works and catalogued evidence. David always tried to stay one-step ahead of the abusers by continually changing his hiding places and by producing back-up copies of everything. From a young boy, David was threatened to keep quiet about the abuse, David focussed on trying to protect his mother and sisters from the abusers and focussed on being a better person than his abusers were. David, the Survivor could so easily have taken an alternative path as many others have done, instead he committed his life to focus on supporting others through difficult times.  The physical abuse David endured caused his first brain injury which caused epilepsy. Educated in mainstream schools, David left school at the age of sixteen; determined to improve his circumstances, determined to overcome the power and control the abusers had over him and to continue to support others David returned to higher educational establishments and studied Information Technology and Law. David, In later years, David, further continued upon his vocational educational path by securing a grade of Distinction in Inspecting Housing Services and further progressed to a higher level, by studying for Managing Housing Services, with the Chartered Institute of Housing, becoming a Housing Practitioner.

Award Winning Book - 2006  - 

David’s writing career began in 2006 with the award-winning book - True Warrior.  With the desire to inspire and encourage other survivors to excel in their endeavours, David wanted to share his story and he wrote his maiden title entitled True Warrior. True Warrior, focused on surviving epilepsy, corrective brain surgery, memory loss and abuse. Within the book he significantly understated the extent and severity of the abuse, because, at the time of the publication, some of the abusers were still involved with David’s life, therefore, David, remained at high risk of harm should he speak out. David went on to complete a follow-up book (2010) with further books being works in progress (2020).  Now the main threat of the abusers has diminished, but not completely disappeared, David reveals all about the true extent of the abuse endured and the difficulties, including, the perpetrators. The forthcoming books are due for publication in 2020.

The Independent Politician – 2010  With the increasing desire to support many more people and to raise awareness of the difficulties people face on a much wider scale, David’s Independent Political Career began in 2010. David was frustrated with mainstream politicians from all political parties, with them not understanding the most vulnerable members of society and their needs. David, not one for sitting about doing nothing about it, set out on a mission to become elected and to ensure underrepresented groups are proportionately represented at every level of government and for reasonable adjustments to be made in accordance with legislation. In 2011 David secured his first victory when he was co-opted onto Glenfield Parish Council by his peers. Four years later at the Local Elections of 2015 David was elected to Glenfield Parish Council and to Braunstone Town Council in addition to nominated and appointed the candidate at Croft Hill (Blaby District Council); coming second to the blue candidate. In the Local Elections of May 2019 David was nominated and appointed the Independent Candidate for Winstanley Ward, Braunstone Town (Blaby District Council) defeating the Braunstone Town Mayor in the election and was elected to Leicester Forest East Parish Council and Braunstone Town Council respectively. To this day David continues to campaign to ensure that all councillors, regardless of political party membership, are given equal opportunities to make contributions and to represent their communities. Disappointingly the attitudes of some councillors in respect of equal opportunities is more challenging to overcome compared with other councils due to their lack of willingness to work with people with different viewpoints, different political persuasions, and different backgrounds.

The Community Campaigner & 

Equality Rights Activist – 2014 to Present

 In 2014 David identified the greater need to support the community at local, regional, and national level on important subjects including Housing, Disability Rights, Equal Opportunities, and Diversity. With his own personal funds, David established a Campaign Group, Radford United (Community Action Group).  The Campaign group worked predominantly with senior citizens and hard-to-reach groups from a cross section of the community throughout Braunstone Town, Leicester Forest East, and across the District Of Blaby.   Early successes included; securing positive changes to a housing development, a refund of service charges for residents of a Sheltered Housing Scheme, Improving Services for the Community and working with a number of agencies and Community Stakeholders including Leicestershire Police, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue, Leicestershire Scouts, Age UK and many more on initiatives including crime prevention, health, safety, physical and mental wellbeing, community development, running charitable events, social inclusion and community cohesion.   In addition, Radford United established a Community Newsletter and Community Darts and Ten Pin Bowling Teams with the emphasis on Community Cohesion, Tackling Social Isolation and the promotion of Diversity, Equality and Freedom of Expression. Understanding the need to support the local community in the times of continuing financial cuts to local services and using the vast experiences gained from his varied roles.

2017 – Outstanding Achievement Awards In 2017, with the support of his Social Worker and Support Team David progressed and established Radford United (LE3) Ltd, a Private Limited Company. From his unique perspective David fully understands the impact of financial cuts to vital services such as Social Care, Housing, GP and Health Services, Community Transport and Supporting Vulnerable Adults. At the time of the Radford United Community Action Group Restructure, Radford United Community Action Group had been twice nominated for the Blaby District Council Prestigious Annual Community Awards in the category of Outstanding Achievement for a Community Group. The nominations were a recognition of the contributions to the community of David and his team. 

2019  - I am a Survivor & Proud In 2017 David sought professional help with First Step (Leicester). First Step is a counselling service for male survivors of abuse. David attended the counselling sessions in a bid to overcome the lifetime of abuse and to better understand the impact of the abuse on his life. Unprompted, David travelled alone and revisited scenes of crime in the UK and Italy to try and come to terms with the past. David concluded counselling on 1/7/19 and now primarily focusses on inspiring other people to improve their personal and professional circumstances, and to further develop his potential.

2019 Di Palma (UK) Ltd (Independent Consultancy Services) Established.

2019 to present. Radford United (LE3) Ltd & Di Palma (UK) Ltd, with David and his Personal Support Team at the forefront, work with a diverse range of housing and service providers, community stakeholders, individuals, organisations, community groups and service users. Collectively they work with individuals and organisations in encouraging and supporting survivors and service providers to improve their personal and professional circumstances and the services they offer. They achieve these goals through different channels including and not restricted to –  

Awareness Raising – Raising awareness of hidden disabilities and mental  health problems and how they can be better understood through appropriate support, constructive dialogue and equal opportunities. 

Through Education - Educating; service providers, community stakeholders and service users, improving relations between representatives of different political persuasions, working with hard-to-reach groups, in addition to sharing personal and professional experiences through open dialogue. In 2020 David’s goals as an elected representative and community campaigner are to support and develop the community at local, regional, and national level. To campaign for better opportunities for disabled people  and to actively encourage service providers, community stakeholders , service users and individuals to better understand and improve their professional and personal circumstances, by embracing different techniques including S.W.O.T. Analysis, Reflective Practice and Personal Empowerment Processes.

Our combined professional services include and are not restricted to the following-

                  Advisory and Advocacy

                  Complaints Management and Conflict Resolution

                  SWOT Analysis

                  Engagement through open dialogue and presentations.

·            Report Writing, Production & Distribution Services. Including and not restricted to; Diversity,   
     Equality, Inclusivity & Disability Awareness.

                  Campaign Management and Promotions.

                  Strategic; Reviews, Planning & Implementation

                  Production and Distribution of Electronic and Paper Based Reading Products (inc. Books, Newsletters and much more)

                  Promotional Services

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Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Off to a Bad Start.

Got off to a bad start this morning with a telephone appointment with the epilepsy doctor from the hospital. I didn't receive the news I was hoping for but one remains upbeat (what other choice does one have other than to remain upbeat?). I then went shopping with Support Worker Claire and returned some unwanted goods for a refund. The remained of the afternoon was spent in the garden until Support Worker Monika arrived at 18.30 for the evening shift. Monika and I spent the evening at the meeting of Leicester Forest East Parish Council of which I am an elected member. Monika finished work at 20.30, just as the Leicester Forest East meeting ended. 
I end the day feeling tired and ready for an early night.
Stay tuned to this channel for all the latest developments. 

Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.

Monday, 16 March 2020

The Invisible Man

Monday 16th  March 2020 – The Invisible Man (A Survivor’s Inner Strength)

I’m Not feeling particularly well. I’m having difficulty communicating, my speech is slurred & I cannot find the words I need. I’m feeling numb down the right side of my body. The numbness spreads from my head to my toes. I lost my balance a short while ago and fell, banging my head, but with no visible sign of injury I’m not going to worry about it. I made it to the toilet and back without getting caught short, a victory in itself. 
I’m back in bed now but will get out of bed again soon. 
I’ve no visible injuries apart from a large scar to my scalp from neurosurgery but not all disabilities are visible or fit into a tick box. 
I can neither make myself, nor my circumstances nor my disability disappear. 
My mindset is positive and determined. 
My name is David Di Palma, I’m a Brain Injury Survivor and Proud. 
More diaries about survival coming soon in my new book…. 
David J. Di Palma – Surviving One Day at a Time.  
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Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

A Weight Off My Mind – 14/3/2020

A Weight Off My Mind – 14/3/2020
It’s Saturday 14th March 2020.

Today I attended the Everlast Fitness Club with Julian (Support Worker).

We concentrate on working with weights on Saturdays. We always start with the Bench Press exercise. From my perspective this is one of the most challenging disciplines as a consequence of my brain injury, I have co-ordination, sequencing and balance difficulties, therefore, I’m at most risk of being crushed to death when lifting the weights from laying down of the bench. Julian always stands behind me and the rack ready to take the weight from me and put it back on the rack. The ‘crushing’ problem was almost proved today when I decided to go for a new Personal Best lift without Julian being in position. I forgot to wait for Julian to get into position, I attempted the lift but the jump up in weight caught me off guard, thankfully Julian was already getting into position and was quick to react, grabbing the bar and putting it back. 

We ended our session with both Julian and I achieving new personal bests. 

Health & Fitness are very important aspects of my life. From a physical and mental well-being perspective and in respect of goal setting. 

The downside is that working out causes an increase in seizures.
David J. Di Palma, A Survivor & Proud

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Friday, 13 March 2020

Blink and You’ll Miss It – 13/3/2020

Blink and You’ll Miss It – 13/3/2020

It’s Friday 13th March 2020.

I’m a Survivor of Physical, Mental and Sexual Abuse. I didn’t sleep very well last night due to vivid flashbacks to the abusive past. I slept with the night light on and the bedroom door open in a bid to help me sleep. I experienced a seizure in the course of the night and daybreak arrived. I love the sound of the birds singing first thing in the morning. The birds singing to welcome in a new start to the day.

I sustained a fall in the bathroom before Support Worker Claire arrived and I had difficulty dressing myself (some of the many daily challenges I experience living with a brain injury disability). Support Worker Claire and I did some admin and did some preparation work for payroll next week. There’s more to do this time of year due to the fast-approaching financial year end.

Claire and I attended the gym although I had a lot of difficulty with my balance and coordination. Claire keeps me in line, telling me off when I do too much and ensures that I remain safe. I’m happy that Claire keeps me in line. Claire is brilliant in respect of motivation and keeping me as safe as possible. The staff at the Braunstone Leisure Centre (Leicester) are aware of my health situation and are supportive. They have had to search the building for me on a previous occasion when I became very unwell and went missing. Thankfully I wear a GPS Tracker around my neck, through which the Police are able to track me and assist me when the need arises.

After Claire left for the day, I had another seizure and I spent time studying the papers for the forthcoming meeting of Full Council at Braunstone Town  Council & Leicester Forest East Parish Council of which I am an elected member (he says with an enormous amount of pride.)

The week has passed by so quickly – blink and you miss it.

 Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Price for a Spring Clean!!!

Today I was struggling with trying to ascertain what kind of weekend David had as he forgets!! That’s what David does! He has major problems with his memory amongst other things.

I found out that on Saturday David went to the Gym and then Nottingham with his Support Worker Julian to get some  things for the house.  David must have forgotten to check that the dogs had no access to the lounge during his absence, the result was that the dogs got into the lounge and had a BIG PARTY!!!

Oh, yes, David is, now in need of a replacement Remote Control, some candles and a new pair of slippers.

Well, then there’s Sunday, David has no support and he was in a mood for a Spring Clean.  So, he decided to have a good go and he does like to give his 100% to everything he attempts.  Hey, that’s great for us but not so great for David, as he pays the price for this surge in energy spend!  This leads to David being clumsy and making more mess which needs clearing up. Slips, trips, falls and other injuries and then there’s the seizures. By the end of his Spring Clean you cannot tell which bit of the mess was from ‘David’s Spring Clean Party’ and which bit of mess was from ‘The Dog’s BIG Party’!

So, let’s talk about the price David pays for trying to Spring Clean.  On Monday, he was very tired and unsteady.  David had a seizure in the car and now has to sit back and watch the world go by!!. 😉

Dipak Rao - David’s Support Worker
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Thursday, 20 February 2020

Had a seizure and fall this afternoon.

20th February 2020. 15.00
Had a seizure and fall this afternoon.
This is somewhat frustratingly expected.
This after this morning’s gym session with Support Worker Dipak. This morning I set a new Personal Best of 51:23 on the Cross Trainer. On 01/01/2020 I couldn’t manage three minutes.
Exercise leads to an increase in falls and seizures but exercise is good for one’s mental health therefore one carries on regardless.
I always want to be an improvement on yesterday.
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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Not a great start to the day but we won't let that stop us!!! (18/02/20)

David J. Di Palma - Brain Injury Survivor 

For the past 2 days, David has not received his regular welfare check through his sheltered housing life line intercom service, which he is supposed to have every single day to ensure that he is well and safe.

Thankfully, when Claire (Support Worker) arrived for her shift in the morning she found David to be well.  Claire has now raised an incident with the service provider.  Hopefully, fingers crossed, he will receive his call tomorrow as normal.  We will be informed on where the the system failed, once the incident has been investigated and reported back to us.  This is very important not just for David but for other service users as well, therefore, David will pursue this concern in his capacity as Elected Councillor.

Once this was dealt with they headed to the gym where Claire achieved a new personal best on the cross-trainer of 41 minutes (see photo)

David & Claire set new personal best of gym session of 100 minutes and subsequently aching like mad, afterwards.  Although, David was very unsteady on his feet, both were feeling accomplished.

Remainder of the time with Claire was spent doing Admin work, until I arrived at 4.30 to carry on where Claire left off.

Dipak (Support Worker) on behalf of David Di Palma 

Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.

Monday, 17 February 2020

There's Plenty of Time for Rest When I'm Dead

17th February 2020

There's Plenty of Time for Rest When I'm Dead

I didn’t sleep very well last night, flashbacks to the historical abuse plus nightmares of being set on fire and being stabbed were the order of the day. Nothing unusual about that but I sustained a fall whilst going to the toilet which meant I had a ‘watery’ mess to clean up. 

By the time Support Worker (Claire) arrived on site at 0930 I was already feeling tired and disorientated. Claire supported me with my care and social needs. With Claire’s support we attended the gym before processing the mail and other administrative tasks, we scheduled appointments, Claire resolved some problems and completed other tasks. 

By the time Claire left at 14.30 I was exhausted with brain fatigue and was in need of a rest. 
Medical professionals frequently tell me that I should rest more but I’m not very good at resting and there’s plenty of time for rest when I’m dead.  

Support Worker Dipak arrived on site at 16.30.
Dipak looked after me until the end of her shift.

My name is David Di Palma, I’m a Brain Injury Survivor and Proud

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‘To triumph over adversity is my greatest strength’.
This blog is representative of the personal views of David Di Palma.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Why I Blog and the Benefits to Reading my Blogs.

Why I Blog and the Benefits to Reading my Blogs.

Writing diaries is something I’ve done from childhood, they’ve been vital for my daily survival and development. The methods used to keep diaries may’ve changed over the decades as technology has progressed but the fundamental reasons behind writing have largely remained the same. I suppose the question you maybe asking yourself is; Why am I sharing my experiences and diary entries with you? What benefit to reading my diaries and blogs is there for you? 
I’ll try and answer that now.

I’ll start by telling you what I’m NOT trying to achieve and DON’T WANT.

  • I neither seek nor need your attention.
  • I don’t need anything from you.
  • I don’t need you to feel sorry for me.
  • I don’t need you to motivate me, i’m a self-motivator.
  • There is no need to be critical of me or my circumstances, there is no need to be critical because I critique myself daily, no one could be more critical of me than me.
  • If you don’t like my posts for whatever reason scroll on by, there is no need to comment & no need to be; unpleasant or abusive.

Now I’ll tell you what I’m TRYING to achieve and DO WANT

With the support of my team- 
  • I do want to raise awareness of the physical and mental challenges faced on a daily basis living with a brain injury disability & other neurological conditions 
With the support of my team- 
  • I do want to promote the work I am doing on behalf of the parishioners, businesses and stakeholders of; Braunstone town, Leicester Forest East & the wider demographic area in my role as a democratically elected Independent Councillor. 
With the support of my team- 

  •  I Do want to raise awareness of all forms of; abuse, hostility and prejudices; to encourage survivors to speak and to seek the support that they may need.

With the support of my team- 

I do want to promote my

Not-for-profit award-winning literary works which have been written to support and encourage; other survivors, businesses, service providers and service users to improve their personal and professional circumstances & the services they offer through my experiences.

Finally I’ll advise you of what the benefits are of reading my blogs and visiting my websites.


The human brain is a complex organ. The way in which we (as humans) process, function and survive differs greatly from one being to another. There are similarities between us but the fundamental principles are the same. It matters not a jot who you are or how much wealth one has acquired, everyone has their own pleasures they live, difficulties to overcome & their own life’s journey to undertake. Through my literary works I want to share my journey with you so that you can understand how I’ve used reflective practices, experiences and techniques to overcome adversity (with the support of my team). By reading my posts, by communicating with me and allowing me to share my world with you, it is hoped that you will enhance your understanding of the complex world around us. In so doing you will improve your professional and personal circumstances which will have a positive impact upon the wider community. If I can inspire at least one person to overcome their problems and one organisation to improve the products and services they offer then the bad experiences I’ve overcome will have been worthwhile. 

My motto is ‘To triumph over adversity is my greatest strength’. 
My name is David Di Palma 
I’m a Survivor and Proud 

This blog is representative of the personal views of David Di Palma.

Night Time - Flashbacks & Seizures

David Di Palma, Brain Injury Survivor, Surviving One Day at a Time - Flashbacks 
Sunday 16th February 2020

It is Sunday 16th February 2020 and the time is 00:18
Nights are the worse time for me. I experience flashbacks to the historical abuse more at night than at any other time of the day. More often than not I sleep with a Night Light on to make me feel safer. 

Nights are also a challenging time because my brain has difficulty in ‘switching off’. As a consequence of my brain injury the day’s events go around and around my mind, the events unable to take residence in a memory cell because I have difficulty with short term memory. I record the day’s events by keeping a diary, a written record of events, this blog is one such record. Don’t misunderstand what I’ve just said. I’m not making a conscious decision to refrain from ‘switching off’, I’m trying to ‘switch off’ but I can’t. I’m certainly tired enough to ‘switch off’ and to go to sleep but my health circumstances prevent this happening. 

Night time I frequently experience seizures. The episodes cause me to lose feeling down the left side of my body. During and after the episode my speech becomes slurred, I’m unable to move and I have been known to lose control of my bladder, without knowing it. Of course seizures occur during the daytime too, but, at night more often than not the outcomes and symptoms are worse because of exhaustion and lack of care and support staff to help me at night.

As I write this I have a burning sensation located in the right temple. The sensation starts in the right temple and spreads across my forehead. The sensation is like a spreading wildfire. Concentration is becoming more difficult. I’m losing the feeling down my right side of my body, I don’t think I’ll be able to write much more. 

When I type this up from my notebook I’ll type it up as it is. It’s important that my readers and followers understand the situation in an unedited way. I’ve lost track of what I was saying now. I’m trying to speak but the words are slurred. I’m dribbling too. I feel like you would do if you were under the influence of alcohol but I don’t drink alcohol. 

I’ve created a blog template to make uploading content easier but I’m not sure what I was telling you about now. It’s dark but I don’t know what time it is. I’m feeling exhausted and I’m not sure if I’ve wet myself or I’m just perspiring. 

I’m a Brain Injury Survivor and Proud.

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David Di Palma

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Content not within the control of any organisation or community group.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Week Ending 16th February 2020

Saturday, 15 February 2020

This week has been a challenging week.

Living with a brain injury disability is very challenging on a daily basis. 
One of the most frustrating aspects is when I cannot recall what I was doing a very short time ago. It’s very time consuming to repeatedly refer back to CCTV and audio recordings to establish what I was doing a very short while ago. My home and outbuildings are covered by internal and external CCTV and audio recording equipment, the recordings happen 24/7/365. It’s my way of trying to manage the best way I can.

In addition, I wear tracking equipment which can be remotely tracked by Leicestershire Police and other agencies in the event I become lost or missing.  I frequently forget what I was doing and find myself in places and situations that I never had any intention of being or able to provide a reasonable explanation of how I came to be there. Thankfully I can be remotely when the need arises.

My name is David Di Palma, I’m a Survivor, If I can do it, you can do it.
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Best Wishes
David Di Palma

Expressing personal views unless I've quoted yours.

There's No 'I' in Team

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is David Di Palma and if I were to describe myself in one word, I would describe myself as ‘Survivor’.

Abuse & Brain Injury Survivor

I’m a complex being. A SURVIVOR of abuse (physical, psychological and sexual), a brain injury SURVIVOR, and an epilepsy SURVIVOR. I’m not a victim but a SURVIVOR.

Surviving takes up the vast majority of my time. My challenges just to function are significant. I’m supported by Claire, Julian and Dipak on a daily basis. Claire, Julian and Dipak are my
Care and Support Workers who support me with every aspect of my personal and professional SURVIVAL STRATEGY. A strategy which is constantly evolving as my circumstances continually change.

Independent Councillor  In my spare time I serve on the respective councils of 
Braunstone Town & Leicester Forest East in the county of Leicestershire.
I’m an Independent Councillor having served different parishes, including Glenfield, 

Braunstone Town and Leicester Forest East since 2011.

Business Owner      
I’m a business owner of two Micro Businesses and an Award-Winning Author. 
The purpose of my blog is to inspire others to improve their personal and professional circumstances through my experiences.

Welcome Aboard    To that end I offer you my warm welcome and look forward to sharing my experiences with you.    My name is David Di Palma, I’m a Survivor, If I can do it, you can do it.
Best Wishes
David Di Palma
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Stand up to bullying - Stamp out hate!

Stand up to bullying - Stamp out hate! Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.